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Motherhood & PostPartum Depression

Mantra of the day, I will not let postpartum depression define me as a mother. With my first pregnancy even though circumstances were tough, I did not experience postpartum depression (ppd). When I had the twins I had this notion that because I didn’t have ppd the first time, I wouldn’t have it the second time around. In other words I was in denial and uneducated about ppd. From about 2 weeks in, I was already probably starting to show signs of ppd but doctors really only speak of the ppd that makes you cry all the time or have self harm thoughts, which I didn’t have. I assumed since I wasn’t crying all the time and because I didn’t want to self harm that I didn’t have ppd. My thoughts to myself was that I had no reason to be depressed or sad because I had everything I had prayed for. I had my health, my husband and most importantly three beautiful healthy children. Mom guilt was going on strong. It wasn’t until around 10 weeks postpartum that my husband pointed out that I was irritable,angry and frustrated all of the time. That’s when I sat down and started googling postpartum depression. The resources I found online spoke so much more than the ppd posters at the obgyn office. I gathered up the courage to call my doctor and discuss possibly having ppd. I am not ashamed to admit that I needed help and that I am proud of myself for reaching out for help. When I had my youngest child a year later I was able to recognize the signs better and catch on to my ppd sooner than I did with the twins. While sometimes I’m sad that I was so miserable those first couple of weeks of the twins birth, I’m glad that I learned to listen to my mind and body with my next pregnancy. I believe that there should be more in-depth awareness regarding ppd and to give mothers support during this life changing time. I also believe that mothers deserve more medical care after birth besides the ONE checkup that occurs after 6 weeks.

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